Kamala Harris Reveals Supreme Court Shocker - She's Really Doing It...

July 20, 2022

Even though David Letterman has been off the air for a while, we're still seeing our fair share of stupid human tricks.

All you have to do is look at the federal government.

You don't even have to fret about where to look, it's literally EVERYWHERE. The biggest bozos of all though are pretty surely the two big maniacs in charge, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

While we all know that Joe Biden is too old to run the country, Kamala doesn't have the age excuse to fall back on.

So what's her problem? It's not that she's too old. It's that she's ignorant AND a bully.

For example, she just said that the recent Dobbs decision making abortion a state decision was the same as SLAVERY.

According to Kamala Harris, all we're doing is continuing to own human bodies.

And if you don't agree with her, she'll try to bully you until you do.

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