Kamala Harris declares victory in quest to tackle migration's 'root causes'

 February 13, 2023

President Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of talks about the "root causes" of migration in 2021.

It seems obvious that the "root cause" is Biden's open borders.

"Vice President Harris this week returned to focusing on targeting what the administration believes are the 'root causes' of the migrant crisis at the southern border, announcing $1 billion in additional funding and a new initiative to direct money to Central America," reported Fox News.

"Harris’ office announced on Monday that an extra $950 million in private sector commitments has been raised from companies, including Nestle and Target, bringing the total amount of Harris’ 'Call to Action' launched in 2021 to $4.2 billion," noted Fox News.

"The investments that we have made thus far are on track to meet goals set out by the Partnership for Central America, which include the creation of 1 million new jobs by 2032 and the inclusion of 6 million people in the formal financial system by 2027," Harris said.

"Ultimately, we need Congress to pass legislation that both enhances border security but fixes our broken immigration system. We are a nation of immigrants," Harris said.

"In 2021, Harris was put in charge of leading diplomatic talks to tackle 'root causes' like poverty, violence, corruption, and climate change which the administration believes are driving the migrant crisis," reports Fox. "Republicans ultimately dubbed her the 'border czar,' a title the White House has rejected."

Source: Fox News