Kamala Harris Leaves DC To Go Support 'Tennessee Three'

 April 8, 2023

Unfortunately, the "Tennessee Three" nickname isn't in remembrance of the three children who were recently shot to death in Nashville by a transgender advocate.

It's not in honor of the three adults in the school that died trying to save the children, either.

Sickeningly, Vice President Kamala Harris left her duties at the White House to go show support for three lawmakers who were accused of seriously breaking House rules.

Two of them, Representative Justin Jones and Representative Justin Pearson were expelled. The third, Representative Gloria Johnson narrowly missed being kicked out herself.

Harris falsely said that the three were standing "with Tennesseans" after "six people, including three children, were killed last week in a school shooting in Nashville."

Then why did the three disgraced Democrats vote AGAINST protecting the children of their state on the same day the vote to expel them was scheduled?

Because they are unscrupulous liars, just like Kamala Harris.