Kamala Harris: Kids Suffering 'Mental Health Issues' Over Climate

 March 10, 2023

Kamala Harris LOVES identity politics. Agree to vote for her, and she will find some group to put you in that she says Republicans are abusing.

It doesn't matter if Republicans are actually abusing these people, Kamala Harris simply speaks on their behalf in an attempt to further her own political career.

At least in the past, she would focus on adults, separating them by things such as skin color, gender, and sexual preference. Even Kamala herself has benefited from her own game, with Joe Biden even admitting he picked her as his running mate not based on qualifications but because she is a black woman.

Now, she's stooped as low as you can go by homing in on children.

According to her, American children are all suffering "climate mental health" problems.


This is nothing but filler rhetoric used by Harris. She doesn't care about these kids' future. She cares about HER future, and she's just using America's youngsters as pawns.