Kamala Harris Goes Overboard Proclaiming Love Of Venn Diagrams

 February 25, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris found herself at an event speaking about clean energy. While there, she brought up one of her favorite topics of dicussion:

Venn diagrams.

Harris seems to have a sort of obsession with Venn diagrams, constantly bringing them up during public remarks.

"I love Venn diagrams," Kamala Harris began. So far so good, that's exactly how all of the great world leaders open their speeches.

Once was enough, but that's where Kamala went wrong.

SHE JUST KEPT GOING. Harris continued:

Always ask, 'Is there a Venn diagram for this?' I'm telling you, it's fascinating when you do. So, Venn diagram, those three circles, right?

Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt thought that Kamala Harris might love going on about Venn diagrams so much because it's one of the most complex things in education she can understand, observing:

When you peak in third and fourth grade and become vice president, we're doomed.