Kamala Harris Forcing Racial Considerations Into Home Valuations

Vice President Kamala Harris recently announced that racism isn't doing well enough in America, so we're going to start adjusting home valuations based on the color of the skin of those who reside in them.

She claimed the new rule was to "tackle racial bias in home valuations."

We know what that's code for. Liberals giving minority voters a handout in the hope of reinforcing the idea that minority groups have to vote liberal.

Remember the rioting and looting across America during the summer of 2020?

That was when only specific groups were allowed to roam around America burning and stealing.

That was when literal explosions were called "mostly peaceful protests," because the people committing the crimes generally voted Democrat?

We're seeing the same thing all over again. Harris said:

Today, I’m proud to announce we are developing a rule that will require that financial institutions ensure that their appraisal algorithms do not produce lower valuations for homes owned by people of color. We are also releasing the guidance to make it easier for consumers to appeal what they suspect to be unbiased valuation.

We'll see how that goes, Kamala.