Kamala Harris Ignores Husband's Kiss With Joe Biden's Wife

 February 11, 2023

Just a few minutes before Joe Biden's State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Americans witnessed some very steamy footage on their screens.

And they didn't even have to pay $24.95 to rent it for three hours, either.

The first male second lady in America's history, Doug Emhoff, was captured on camera locking lips with Jill Biden.

He didn't kiss her on the cheek. He kissed her on the mouth. And she kissed back. In front of America. I'm not lying.

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the first Republicans to comment on the situation, simply calling it "weird." Junior did not take the time to compare the steamy embrace to the time his father, Donald Trump, said that his sister, Ivanka Trump, was "hot" and that the elder Donald would "date her if she wasn't my daughter."

When Kamala Harris was asked about her husband tasting Jill Biden's lipstick, Kamala simply said she hadn't seen the video and that they were working "against antisemitism." She must be the only person in America who hasn't seen the video.

Then she changed the subject.