Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson under judicial review regarding ethics complaint

 January 20, 2024

While the left continues to target conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices, one of the high court's liberal members is in actual trouble.

According to the Washington Examiner, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson now faces an ethics complaint that is now under investigation.

The complaint, the report notes, is due to questionable financial disclosures and was filed by the conservative policy group Center for Renewing America to the Judicial Conference.

The complaint is now formally under review by the Committee on Financial Disclosures in the Judicial Conference.

In the complaint, it was alleged that the liberal justice "willfully failed to disclose" her husband's "malpractice consulting income" for over a decade.

The policy group noted that federal judges are required to disclose "source of items of earned income earned by a spouse from any person which exceed $1,000 … except … if the spouse is self-employed in business or a profession, only the nature of such business or profession needs be reported."

The Center for Renewing America President Russ Vought told Fox News Digital he was pleased that the complaint is under investigation.

"We are hopeful that the Judicial Conference takes a long, hard look at the ethics concerns surrounding Justice Jackson and ensures there is not a double standard for justices," Vought said.

He added, "While the Left has made it a sport to attack the character of conservative Supreme Court justices, they’ve turned a blind eye to actual indiscretions and appearances of corruption actively happening."

The disclosures Jackson turned in did have several instances of her husband's malpractice consulting income over $1,000, but apparently failed to disclose them all.

"Jackson has not even attempted to list the years for which her previously filed disclosures omitted her husband’s consulting income," the policy group's letter read.

It added, "Instead, in her admission of omissions on her 2020 amended disclosure form (filed in 2022), Justice Jackson provided only the vague statement that ‘some’ of those past disclosures contained material omissions."

Only time will tell if Jackson is held accountable, should the results of the investigation call for it.