Judge Orders Unsealing Of Divorce Case Involving Fani Willis' Lover

 January 24, 2024

This is one divorce document former President Donald Trump probably never expected to see!

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade, accused of having an affair with his superior, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, has been ordered to reveal the dirty details of his divorce.

Shockingly, a filing from Wade's estranged wife revealed that Wade had purchased airline tickets for himself and Willis for travel on multiple occasions.

Furthermore, Willis’ actions have made it more and more apparent that an affair did, in fact, happen.

Instead of denying the allegations, she has recently launched an attack of her own on the accusers, saying the real reason Wade is in the hot seat is because he is Black.

Some observers say this type of response is a classic tactic of guilty parties.

We’ll know more on Feb. 2, the deadline Judge Scott McAfee has given Willis to respond to the affair allegations.

There will also be a hearing that takes place later in the month on Feb. 15 to get to the bottom of the allegations once and for all.

If Willis and Wade did have an affair, the truth cannot be hidden for much longer!