Judge dismisses lawsuit against rapper Drake

 April 13, 2024

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Drake over his participation in the deadly 2021 Astroworld festival in Houston in which ten people were unfortunately killed.

Drake was a special guest of rap superstar Travis Scott, who was headlining the festival.

During Drake and Scott's performance, the crowd surged, and attendees were packed together so tightly that many of them could not move their arms or legs and could not easily breath.

Authorities and festival organizers were trying to shut down the show, but there was obviously a lot going on at the moment.

The families of the ten people who died, as well as hundreds of people who were injured, sued Drake, Scott, and the festival's promoter.

Lawyers for Drake argued that he was not involved in putting the concert together, so he couldn't be liable for the deaths and injuries that had occurred.

The judge apparently agreed, because the case against Drake was quickly dismissed.