Judge Blocks New Biden Asylum Policy

 July 26, 2023

Take that, Joe.

A federal judge has blocked the Biden administration's new asylum policy.


Biden and his team were trying to implement new asylum rules at America's southern border not to increase the strength of America in any manner, but simply to increase their voter base.

You see, liberals believe that the immigrants they import into this country, legally or otherwise, will all automatically vote Democrat all the time.

That's why liberals are so keen to always promote the idea that Republicans in America are racist. They are trying to turn every single person in this country who isn't a white male against the Republican Party.

The flaw in their plan though, is that Republicans actually aren't racist.

We don't care what color your skin is, or how you look.

We care about truth, honesty, respect, and common sense.

That's what the Republican Party is all about. It's actually the liberals who love dividing by color.

This proves it.