Hawley: America Deserves To Know If Biden A Crook

 May 5, 2023

In case you haven't heard by now, a whistleblower is claiming that the FBI has documents definitively linking our president Joe Biden to a "criminal scheme."

America believes the whistleblower, but of course the FBI and DOJ are dragging their feet as much as possible in order to exclude the Biden family from the normal American course of justice.

Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, is proving that he is one of the only elected officials in America willing to fight Biden's lies on behalf of the American people.

We know that because he told us what he's doing during a recent appearance on Fox News Tonight, saying:

The FBI has been in possession of this information about Joe Biden for months, potentially years.

That's all America needed to know in order to understand just how corrupt this federal government is, but Hawley kept going:

"So the allegation is the FBI hasn’t acted on it, that there has been interference. We need to know the facts here. Release the document, release the evidence. If there needs to be a special counsel, appoint one," Hawley said. "But the only way the American people are going to have confidence is if the information is out there. What is it they used to say about Richard Nixon? They deserve to know if the president is a crook. We deserve to know if this president is a crook. Let’s get the information."