Jordan Peterson Calls Out Media For Constant Lies

 May 13, 2023

According to one of the world's greatest current scholars, Jordan Peterson, the world's lamestream media has been lying to us for a while.

Peterson said that the "scumrats" were lying about slavery.

Just because Jordan Peterson is Canadian doesn't mean that he is going to let inaccuracies fly in the United Kingdom.

The Guardian recently published an article that said that the United Kingdom's Royal Navy played a tremendous role in slavery worldwide.

They did, but you need an important piece of context: they were responsible for ENDING slavery around the world.

The Guardian left that part out, instead implying that the United Kingdom was guilty of perpetuating slavery and calling out King Charles III for not doing enough to fight against the "legacies of racism."

Between 1808 and 1860, the Royal Navy reportedly freed around 150,000 slaves. The journalist was trying to prove a point however, so he left that part out.

Peterson wasn't having it.