Jonathan Turley calls efforts to 'reinvent' Hunter Biden 'ridiculous'

By Jen Krausz on
 December 6, 2023

Fox News legal expert and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said Monday that efforts to "reinvent" Hunter Biden to explain away his family's alleged corruption are "ridiculous."

"This has been a series of efforts to reinvent Hunter as the scandal has gotten more and more serious, as the circle has closed in tighter around the Biden family," Turley began.

"This idea that Hunter Biden was some blacked-out junkie that did what he did to raise corruption is to insult all reformed people who fought addiction is ridiculous," Turley said.

"I mean, he was at the center of a global effort of influence peddling that produced millions of dollars for the Biden family through a series, a complex series of accounts and shell companies," Turley said. "Now, it just doesn’t add up. So he’s going to have to answer questions. Now, a lot of these past excuses are just not going to hold."

Democrats and media lackeys have been desperate to explain away Hunter Biden's actions and to distance them from President Joe Biden as a formal impeachment inquiry becomes more likely.

Most recently, the House Oversight Committee has documented a series of payments from Hunter's Owasco PC bank account to his father, which Hunter's attorneys have tried to explain away as "car payments."