Jon Voight endorses Trump, says only he can bring prosperity to America and peace to the world

 April 20, 2024

There aren't many conservatives in Hollywood and even fewer who are straight shooters. But actor Jon Voight is definitely both.

Voight has never wavered in his support for former President Donald Trump, and recently made headlines over his thoughts on how Trump will get America back on the right track if reelected in November.

According to Breitbart, Voight held nothing back in saying that if reelected, Trump will "overrule the barbaric animals destroying our country."

Voight took to his X account to upload a video in which he insisted that Trump in the White House next year is the only way America returns to greatness and moves back into being respected on the world stage.

The video was captioned, "Save America."

"Bring back what was lost," Voight said in the short video. "We must bring back the safety of this great country. We must bring back our greatest achievements that once were blooming."

Voight also mentioned Israel and the new and emerging dangers it faces in the wake of the Hamas-led attack on the country last year, and the recent missile attack launched directly from Iran.

He added, "My friends of all colors, all religions, all nations, we must remember [this] truth: one love, under God. This life is full of injustice, this land of Israel is in danger, the land of the free, the USA, is in danger."

Voight reiterated his call for Americans to vote for Trump in order to make that happen, and to prevent "darkness" from taking over the world.

"Let us all come together and make these countries safe again. We must stop this war. We must stop this darkness. This negative plague that is lingering. How? Vote, for the only president that can save these countries once and for all," Voight said.

He continued, "Let all nations bloom, let them shine. My friends, the only way, President Donald J. Trump. He and only he can take this hardship and turn it into a magnificent triumph. He can wipe out this swamp and bring glory, bring justice. And he will help save Israel and warn these enemies that they will pay the price of their injustice, for their disgraceful actions."

"This evil must be wiped out and the gift of life restored with harmony, with faith, with safety, with love, and this is God’s promise. He who seeks truths, he who seeks this and prays, they will earn a gift, the love of God. To God’s glory. God bless."

Voight has been one of Trump's top Hollywood-level supporters and clearly hasn't changed his views on what he believes Trump is capable of doing for America.