John Fetterman Appears Confused At Swearing-In Ceremony

 January 6, 2023

It is really, really sad and unfortunate that the reason Sen. John Fetterman is in the condition he's in is because of a stroke. There is no room to be making light of medical emergencies, regardless of what party the man is affiliated with.

But underlying conditions should NOT be a reason that we tolerate poor performance out of the most important people in our country.

Regardless of the reason he's not up to par, Fetterman does not have the communication and speaking skills needed to be a United States senator. Just because it's not John's fault he had a stroke doesn't mean he should get a pass.

It's not Biden's fault he's old and every day Americans are furious at his incompetence.

If the Make-a-Wish foundation wants to get Fetterman a job bagging groceries, that's fine. However, this role is MUCH too important for anyone with limited abilities to be taking it on.

Even liberals agree with that.