John Bolton says he may run for president in 2024 to keep Trump from getting nomination

By Jen Krausz on
 January 7, 2023

John Bolton, former national security adviser to Donald Trump, said on Good Morning Britain that he may possibly run against the former president in 2024 to keep him from getting the Republican nomination.

Saying that support in the Republican party for Trump was in "terminal decline," Bolton added, “I would get in to win the nomination. And I would do it primarily on the basis that we need a much stronger foreign policy. And I think it is important that it is understood, not just in Moscow, but is understood in places like Beijing — that unprovoked aggression against your neighbors is not something the United States and its allies would tolerate.”

While Trump does seem to be losing a bit of support in some polls, Bolton is not even on anyone's radar at this point. It is doubtful that he, with his stuffy demeanor and strident tone, could amass enough support to unseat Trump or his current runner-up in polls, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Bolton has blamed Trump for inciting a riot on Jan. 6, 2021 an assertion with which most Republicans disagree.

Trump said he fired Bolton in 2019, while Bolton claims he resigned from his post as national security adviser. Bolton later wrote a tell-all book about Trump that contained some nasty smears, many of which Trump denounced as lies.

Anti-Trumpers have not gone over well with the Republican party (see Liz Cheney), and I don't expect Bolton will be any different. He's living in a fantasy world if he thinks he has a chance of being the GOP presidential nominee in 2024.