John Bolton makes prediction that Trump will withdraw from NATO if he wins second term

By Jen Krausz on
 August 5, 2023

In an interview with NewsNation, former national security advisor John Bolton slammed former boss and President Donald Trump, calling his policy "erratic" and predicting that he would withdraw from NATO if he wins a second term.

"Donald Trump doesn’t really have a philosophy, as we understand it in political terms," Bolton said. "He doesn’t think in policy directions when he makes decisions, certainly in the national security space. It’s really all connected with how things benefit Donald Trump."

While Trump had foreign policy victories in his first term that included leaving the Iran nuclear deal, brokering historic peace agreements in the Middle East, and updating trade deals between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, Bolton criticized other aspects of his foreign policy.

Bolton thought Trump's deal with the Taliban was bad, that he shouldn't have pushed for the Afghan withdrawal, and that his Iran policy was ineffective.

"In a second Trump term, we’d almost certainly withdraw from NATO," he said.

Bolton doesn't think Trump deserves the praise he received from conservatives and said, "Those who make these claims about what Trump did in his first term don’t really understand how we got to the places we did because many of the things they now give Trump credit for he wanted to go in the opposite direction."