Joe Scarborough Says 'Walls Closing In' In Trump Case

Keep in mind that this happened on MSNBC, so take this with a grain of salt.

The network's Joe Scarborough is claiming that prosecutors will have an "easy case" to prove that Trump lied and obstructed justice after audio of Trump admitting to possessing classified documents went public.

"Let me say the words. Are you ready? The walls — everybody say it with me — are closing in on this one," Scarborough grunted. He added:

So, yes, people can mock me for saying that, just like they mocked people on this show for saying it before the Manhattan DA came down with charges, but based on everything I’m hearing, based on what you’re hearing, they are extraordinarily concerned about indictments coming down in this case because they know he lied, and he got caught lying to the feds.

If Scarborough is correct, this could mean a whole new set of problems for Trump and our team.

What do you think? Do you trust what you're hearing from Scarborough? Or will you wait to hear from a credible source that Trump's in trouble?