Joe Rogan predicts Tucker Carlson could win presidency in 2028

 August 14, 2023

While most are focused on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, some, like podcast host Joe Rogan, are looking ahead to 2028 and making interesting predictions.

According to Just The News, Rogan recently interviewed Valuetainment founder Patrick Bet-David and talked politics, including his prediction that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson could pull off a win in 2028, following a second Trump presidency.

"Let’s just make a scenario. Trump wins in 2024. He has four years. If Tucker went to run in 2028, he could win. He really could win, because it would be kind of carrying those policies," Rogan said.

Rogan added: "Also, he's sort of a no-nonsense guy who exposes bull****, you know, in a kind of humorous way and a very insightful and biting way."

Carlson was offered a staggering amount of money -- $100 million -- by Bet-David's Valuetainment, but ultimately chose to launch an exclusive, short-form news program exclusively through X, formerly known as Twitter.

Following Carlson's abrupt exit from Fox News, some speculated that he was gearing up for a presidential ticket, possibly as Trump's vice president. Those speculations were later quashed.

Just The News noted:

A super PAC had tried to push Carlson to run for president in 2024, but the commentator's attorney shut down the group's activities with a cease-and-desist letter in May.

Social media users largely agreed with Rogan's assessment that Carlson could pull out an easy victory in 2028.

"100% think Tucker would destroy any GOP candidate put up against him," one X user wrote.

"The way Tucker has been exposing the Wealthy and corrupt Politicians—if he keeps that up, he has my vote. DeSantis is Doom-Loop," another X user wrote.

Only time will tell what the candidate selection for the Republican Party will look like in 2028. It will undoubtedly be more competitive than the 2024 election, given that Trump dominates the polling and short of something huge happening, is virtually guaranteed a GOP nomination. But when 2028 comes around, if Carlson wants a shot at it, he'll probably have it handed to him on a silver platter by the RNC.