Joe Rogan Calls DOJ's Actions The 'Actions Of A Banana Republic'

 August 5, 2023

Joe Rogan isn't even a conservative, but liberals still hate him.

Why? Because he doesn't believe every lie they tell him, and he enjoys thinking for himself.

Liberals have appointed themselves the arbiters of truth when it comes to what conservatives say, but they themselves refuse to abide by the standards they set for others. So, when they see a public figure using common sense instead of just obeying their every whim, it makes them furious.

Here's the latest bit of individual thinking from Rogan that's pissed them off:

"The people that love Trump, they feel like this is a witch hunt. And they feel like all the things he’s getting indicted for are bullshit anyway," Rogan said. He was explaining that the indictments rally Trump fans, not deter them. "Not only does it not work, but it kind of hardens their position that he’s being targeted. And these are like the the actions of a banana republic." Rogan continued:

You take your political rival, and you arrest him and specifically, you charge him with things that you’re f***ing guilty of, like the the documents, like the classified documents, Biden’s guilty of the exact same issue.