Joe Biden Intends To Nominate Hunter's Colleague To Office Of Special Counsel

 October 6, 2023

Americans should be INSULTED right now.

Joe Biden just practically spit in the face of all of us.

Dirty Old Joe is currently facing impeachment because of his alleged illegal activity involving Hunter Biden's associates.

Some of the things that we're talking about here are bribery, blackmail, and nepotism.

Do you know what's probably NOT a smart thing to do to prove that your family isn't a giant bunch of corrupt criminals?

Appointing your son's former coworker to the office that protects American whistleblowers and monitors corruption.

Why would Joe be doing that?

Well, it's because he wants a man on the inside when stuff starts to hit the fan.

When people start speaking up more and more against the Biden family's corrupt practices, Joe is going to need help.

Joe is picking Hampton Dellinger -- somebody who was close to Hunter -- to the Office of Special Counsel so that he can protect Hunter and himself.

It's not hard to see right through this plan, and it shows how little respect Joe Biden has for the American people.