Sexual assault allegation against Biden rears its head again

 February 10, 2024

Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault back in 2020, now has to live in Russia instead of America because she fears for her safety.

That's what happens when you speak up and tell the truth about Biden.

Now, reports are coming out that Reade might be sharing even more details of her sexual assault allegations against Biden in the very near future.

America is curious to know what kind of monster its president really is.

Reade was once a "writer and publicist and former aide to Joe Biden."

She recently explained that her defection to Russia "was very difficult. I’m not an impulsive person. I really take my time and sort of analyze data points. And from what I could see based on the cases and based on what was happening and sort of the push for them to not want me to testify, I felt that while [the 2024] election is gearing up and there’s so much at stake, I’m almost better off here and just being safe. My dream is to live in both places, but it may be that I only live in this place and that’s OK."

It's hard to tell what comes next in Reade's case, but I'm a fan of anything that reminds Americans just how corrupt Old Joe really is.