Joe Biden's porous southern border could allow terrorists into US: Report

 April 1, 2024

U.S. counter-terrorism officials and experts are sounding the alarm over the possibility that ISIS-K terrorists can cross the southern border and commit a terrorist attack similar to the one that struck Moscow, Russia, leaving dozens dead.

An anonymous federal official told the New York Post that ISIS-K, an offshoot of the Islamic State terror group, is growing "bolder" and could seek to penetrate the United States after attacking Moscow.

That official stated, “An attack on US soil is definitely a possibility. It would certainly send a message."

Terrorists could be among the unknown number of "gotaways" that “slip through undetected." There were over 200,000 migrant encounters in February and assuming "gotaways" represent 1% of that number, there are likely thousands of possible terrorists in the United States.

Morgan Lerette, a former Army captain and Blackwater contractor, told the Post, "The open border is a huge concern for terrorists entering the US in light of the attacks in Moscow. It’s only going to take a few of them to get armed and attack a large event [such as a] concert, baseball game, Times Square to bring terrorism to U.S. soil."

Former President Donald Trump has been warning about this for years but at this point, it feels inevitable that something horrible is going to happen.