Joe Biden's Popularity Tumbles To 39%

November 10, 2023

Everyone knows that Joe Biden has had a rough go of it since entering the White House.

We're practically facing an economic crisis with current gas prices, and the turmoil in the Middle East is only expected to add to that problem.

Biden has been weak on both American energy independence AND on his stance in the Middle East, and now we are facing the consequences of his actions.


That's reflected in a paltry 39% approval rating, the lowest that the president has recorded since April.

People don't have faith that he's going to be the man to lead us out of a dark period in America. The country is divided by race and/or political affiliation because liberals think that's the way they'll get votes.

It isn't.

That's why Biden's approval rating is only at 39%, and he's not even the candidate facing multiple indictments across America.

The country is SICK of Joe Biden. Even Democrats know it.