Joe Biden's PLUMMETS Suddenly And Media Can't Figure It Out...

July 20, 2022

Those in the liberal media have had to cover for Joe Biden for quite some time now, so you'd think that they'd be getting better and better at it.

Instead, Joe's looking worse and worse every day.

There could be two reasons why: One, they're simply running out of good lies to try to spin Biden positively. Any ideas that even had a chance of working, they've already used. Or two, Joe Biden is doing such a bad job that they even a liberal media can't spin the misery he's causing positively.

Either way, Biden's doing a bad job lately. Instead of take responsibility, liberals are trying to blame the media for Biden's "political plunge."

Blaming Biden's only constant ally and protector for his downfall?

What a perfectly liberal strategy.

Yes, people are actually printing that garbage.

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