Joe Biden's new Title IX rules will prevent states from protecting women's and girl's sports

President Joe Biden issued an executive order in January of 2021 directing the Department of Education to change Title IX and prevent discrimination against individuals based on gender identity. Now the new rule has been created and it has incited massive outrage.

Twenty-five governors sent a letter to Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Friday demanding the new rule be withdrawn.

The letter claims that the new rules will "prevent states from enforcing our duly enacted statutes protecting fairness in women’s and girls’ sports."

The letter also pointed out, "Indeed, under threat of denying essential school funding, the Department’s proposed regulation would attempt to coerce compliance with an uncertain, fluid, and completely subjective standard that is based on a highly politicized gender ideology. Most troubling, the proposed regulation would turn the purpose of Title IX on its head and threaten the many achievements of women in athletics."

Women's sports have been adversely impacted by the left's transgender agenda, as the door has been opened for biological males to compete in women's sports. The results have been disgraceful for the nation and dangerous for women.

If the Biden administration implements this new rule, those individuals subverting women's sports will be impossible to stop. The Department of Education has massively overstepped its bounds and if Cardona doesn't withdraw the rule, Republican attorneys general will launch a massive legal campaign.