Cotton says Biden's Gaza aid package 'dead on arrival' in Congress

October 22, 2023

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared for an interview on Fox News' Hannity and confirmed that President Joe Biden's proposal for a $100 million aid package to Gaza is "dead on arrival."

Host Sean Hannity opened the interview by saying, "Now, despite the importance of protecting our homeland right now, Biden wants to send tens of billions more to Ukraine and hundreds of millions to Gaza, which we know we all know is going to end in the hands of Hamas. But Senator Tom Cotton is putting his foot down, saying that Biden’s aid package is DOA, dead on arrival. He joins us now with more. Senator, is that a hundred percent certain it’s DOA?"

Cotton replied saying, "Sean, if I have anything to do with it, it will be dead on arrival. And I think that’s the emerging position among Republicans in the Senate. You saw Senator McConnell today said the Senate will work its will to produce our own proposal. I think we need to support Israel."

The senator further stated, "It provides $3.5 billion of potential so-called humanitarian aid to Gaza, which we know under current conditions is little more than resupply for Hamas terrorists, or it provides billions of dollars to relocate illegal aliens into our country put them up in hotels, addressing the symptoms of the border crisis, not the cost of it, say, abuse of parole system, or abuse of the asylum system. So, we need to undertake efforts to support Israel and close our southern border. What we don’t need is Joe Biden’s proposals, much of which is just a long-standing Democratic wish list."

Distributing billions in aid is already untenable with our nation's current financial situation. Distributing that money to places where terrorists can get it makes any kind of proposal a non-starter.

Until Hamas is destroyed, any aid to Gaza will simply be seized by terrorists and used in the conflict against Israel.

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