Joe Biden's foreign policy helped fund Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel

October 9, 2023

President Joe Biden has pursued a policy of easing sanctions on rogue states ever since he became president and with the horrific attack on Israel, Americans got a firsthand look at the consequences of Biden's weak foreign policy.

A combined missile attack and ground offensive by Palestinian terrorists has left an estimated 300 people dead with thousands wounded and hundreds captured and being held hostage.

Those hostages, which include women, children, and the elderly, are now being tortured as evidenced by videos that Hamas is spreading around the internet to taunt Israel.

So how did Hamas manage to launch an unprecedented attack that has created so much death and destruction? Well, the trail leads back to Biden and his insistence on reducing sanctions on state sponsors of terrorism.

Not only has Biden eased sanctions on Iran, who openly boast of helping Hamas plan this horrible attack, but Biden also gave Iran $6 billion in frozen assets just weeks before Hamas invaded Israel.

While the White House has denied that those assets funded terrorist activities, it has become abundantly clear that Iran's billions are involved in this conflict. President Biden must be held accountable for his actions that have led to such suffering.

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