Joe Biden's Brain Simply Isn't Good Enough

How long is America going to let this go on?

Aren't we nearly tired of being bullied by liberals who call us "bigots" every time we question Joe Biden's advanced age?

Based on the direction Biden is taking this country, it's more than fair that we expect a little something more out of our president and his critical thinking skills.

In fact, it goes beyond just "fair." It's necessary.

Just a short time ago Joe Biden told the world about Vladimir Putin's war in Iraq.

Putin hasn't been fighting against Iraq, he is engaged in a war with Ukraine.

Biden should have known that.

He probably did know that at one time, but his advanced age doesn't exactly produce a highly functioning brain on most occasions.

I'm not expecting our president to be perfect, but I am expecting him to be fit enough to keep America safe.

If Joe Biden's brain isn't working well enough to process information around him, we simply must demand a replacement.