Joe Biden's bizarre Medal of Honor ceremony reignites debate about Biden stepping down

 September 10, 2023

During a Medal of Honor ceremony honoring 81-year-old former Army Captain Larry Taylor, who served in the Vietnam War, President Joe Biden wandered off inexplicably in yet another episode indicative of his failing mental health.

The bizarre episode was a stark reminder for Democrats that they are running out of time to force President Biden into retirement in favor of a candidate who is mentally present.

The video of the incident quickly went viral, and even with the White House quickly cutting the feed, the damage was already done.

No one can deny it anymore, the president is losing his mind due to his extremely advanced age and is in no condition to be leading the United States.

Many Democrats already know this, but few are brave enough to even suggest that President Biden step aside and retire from politics to spend the rest of his years with his family.

Democrats have younger candidates they can run who can at least understand where they are and what is happening at any given time. The Democrat Party needs to end this abuse and do the right thing.