Joe Biden's Approval Rating Is The Lowest Since Jimmy Carter

 July 8, 2023

It's hard to believe, but President Joe Biden's approval rating is getting even worse.

On July 1, President Biden's approval rating fell below 40% according to calls Biden's approval the "lowest since Carter."

As we begin July 2023, Joe Biden has just 39.9% of Americans approving of his job performance.

By comparison, 54.9% of Americans currently disapprove of Joe Biden, giving a brutal net rating of minus 15.

July has never been a good month for Old Joe. The lowest approval rating of Joe Biden's came during this same month last year, when he registered just 37.4% approval on July 18.

FiveThirtyEight produces its presidential ratings by aggregating the most recent and trustworthy polls in America.

This isn't just some right-wing outlet out there screaming without evidence that Biden is evil.

This is a reputable source simply repeating what America is telling them.

Joe Biden is too old, too weak, too confused, and too liberal to lead this country. Some of us knew this back in 2020. It took others a few more years. At least we're all in agreement now.