Joe Biden visits Hallie Biden ahead of planned testimony in Hunter's gun trial

 May 28, 2024

Hallie Biden is one of the most controversial and interesting figures in the Biden family.

Especially in a family that is so corrupt, it takes quite a lot to have your actions stand out above the rest, but somehow she has managed to achieve just that.

Hallie Biden was married to Beau Biden until he passed away in 2014. (Despite what Joe Biden claims, it's a complete lie that Beau Biden came back from military service abroad "in a casket.")

The New York Post reports that Hallie and Hunter Biden "began an affair shortly after his brother Beau Biden died of cancer."

Hallie Biden knows more about the Biden family than 99% of Americans, which is why she's of special interest to Joe Biden right now.

In fact, the president was spotted making a "nighttime visit" to Hallie Biden ahead of her planned testimony in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial.

Do you think that Biden only begged Hallie Biden not to spill the truth about Hunter, or do you think he threatened her to protect his son?

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