Joe Biden turns back on deteriorating bank situation, instead tweets about American Rescue Plan

 March 13, 2023

President Joe Biden spent the weekend bragging about the American Rescue Plan on Twitter instead of addressing the worrying bank situation that has Americans fearing another great recession.

Biden tweeted nearly a dozen times about the $1.9 trillion spending plan American Rescue Plan that triggered massive inflation and threatens to destroy the American economy.

The White House as a whole has been largely silent about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank that is threatening to trigger a nationwide run on banks which in turn could cause a massive economic collapse similar to the 2008 recession.

The most attention the White House has given to the Silicon Valley Bank situation is to tell Americans that all is well and to go about their business when in reality all Americans should be very concerned about what is happening.

President Biden is bragging about a disastrous bill that was passed two years ago instead of telling Americans what his administration is doing to ensure there will be no collapse.

Hopefully Republicans can act to protect Americans, but without control of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, any meaningful action will be difficult.