Joe Biden tried to downplay Chinese spy balloon to preserve diplomatic relationship

 February 13, 2023

Washington Post columnist and author Josh Rogin revealed that the Biden administration is working hard to downplay and minimize the Chinese spy balloon story in a desperate attempt to preserve relations during an interview Friday on CNN Newsroom.

During the interview Rogin stated, "The Biden administration is working hard to downplay this incident because they want to resume their previously pursued path of warming U.S.-China relations and they want to get the visit back on track and they want to minimize the impact of this crisis, but their statements deserve some scrutiny."

Of course, if this is true, this means that the Biden administration is working from an extremely weak position. China is able to violate our airspace and yet they still hold the upper hand in diplomatic matters.

What is worse is the Biden administration is claiming there was no harm done by the spy balloon.

Rogin pointed out later in the interview that most information collection equipment on the balloon is at the "bottom of the ocean." So, the Biden administration's claims that no harm was done can't be verified until the equipment is recovered.

No matter what China collected, the Chinese Communist Party is laughing at us, and America looks weak to the rest of the world.