Joe Biden Takes Hunter To Camp David 2 Weekends In A Row

By this point, even a fair amount of Democrats want Joe Biden to do away with his son Hunter.

Sorry Joe, but you need to accept just what sort of a loser your son really is.

He's a deadbeat. He's a criminal. He's a lousy father.

Hunter's getting so bad that Joe continuing to support his own son is probably going to damage his 2024 reelection chances.

Even as Hunter is continuing to do disgusting things like forbidding his own child from using the last name Biden, Joe seems determined on propping up his criminal son.

Joe probably knows that Hunter doesn't deserve any more help. That's why he's made it a rule around the White House that nobody is allowed to talk about Hunter. Especially discouraged is the idea of giving the president advice about how to handle Hunter.

President Joe knows that he needs to ditch Hunter, he just isn't willing to do it. Instead of trying to prevent fallout before it hits, Joe Biden would rather just bury his head in the sand for now.

You can only ignore the problem that Hunter is becoming for so long, Joe.