Joe Biden surrenders sixth US Embassy in 3 years

 August 14, 2023

President Joe Biden has surrendered the sixth U.S. Embassy in three years with the evacuation of the Embassy in Niger.

Since President Biden has entered the Oval Office, the world has become more chaotic and unstable than ever, and that can be easily seen by tracking the status of the United States' diplomatic infrastructure.

So far, the Biden administration has abandoned embassies in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Sudan, Haiti, and most recently, Niger.

West Africa is threatening to descend into all-out war as a result of a military coup in Niger. Under President Biden's watch, yet another part of the world is descending into chaos and disorder that could cost thousands of lives.

The real problem is that the United States is losing its status as the world hegemon and that void is being quickly filled by China and Russia.

Under President Biden, America's power is diminishing, and our enemies are taking advantage of that. Former President Donald Trump surely feels vindicated watching all of this happen, just like he warned it would if Biden reached the presidency.