Joe Biden Steals Valor On Son's Behalf Yet Again

Perhaps you've heard of the actor Brian Dennehy before.

You might know him from his roles in First Blood, Cocoon, or Tommy Boy.

But did you know that he's one of the most famous accounts of stolen valor in American history, lying that he had been wounded in combat while serving in Vietnam?

It never happened, and the fact that he said it did haunted him for literally his entire life.

For some reason though, President Joe Biden isn't held to the same standards. He's allowed to lie about America's military all he wants and NEVER take accountability for it.

It's even still happening in 2023, as just last week he again falsely claimed that his late son Beau Biden had died in Iraq.

Adding to the scandal, the traveling press corps refused to report on the fact that Joe Biden again repeated that lie again. Their excuse was that Joe Biden was too far away from the mic to hear what he had said, but everyone else in the room knew.

The lamestream media was just covering for him again.

Like usual.