Joe Biden Shirtless Photo Sends America Into Frenzy

August 2, 2023

It wasn't exactly an RFK-level showing, but considering President Joe Biden is almost 108 years old, he deserves to be able to show off a bit.

After all, I'm sure that Biden had a very exhausting two-hour workday prior to photos of him being taken at the beach.

Eric Geller, a reporter who writes for The Messenger, just happened to be on the same beach as Biden that day.

Geller and his family approached to survey the situation.

"When we saw online that he was there, we walked up to see what the scene was like," Geller said.

He said that security had been stopping people from getting any closer than 30 feet to the president.

Nice job, Joe. I hope I'm looking that good when I'm 112 like you.

Just remember who's coming for you. These are what REAL MEN look like:

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