Joe Biden scrambling to rewrite SOTU address after Chinese spy balloon scandal

 February 6, 2023

President Joe Biden will “likely rewrite" his State of the Union speech to account for the Chinese spy balloon scandal according to a report from Axios. This comes as President Biden was hoping to use the SOTU address to highlight his accomplishments.

The Chinese spy balloon was first spotted in U.S. airspace on Thursday but wasn't shot down until Saturday after it had crossed the continental United States.

Republicans and Democrats have united in outrage over the incident and want answers from the Biden administration on how this was allowed to happen.

As for the rest of America, Joe Biden is already falling out of favor and his old nemesis, former President Donald Trump, is on the rise in the eyes of the American people.

Joe Biden likely intended to use the SOTU address to champion his accomplishments in preparation for his campaign for reelection next year.

Now the president has to reassure the nation that he is capable of holding China at bay for the remainder of his term as well as potentially another four years.