Joe Biden reportedly preparing massive amnesty to boost voter base ahead of election

 June 10, 2024

President Joe Biden is resorting to amnesty to shore up his failing voter base ahead of November's election, and it has been reported that he will grant legal status for long-term undocumented immigrants married to Americans.

An existing idea referred to as “parole in place” that shields illegal immigrants from deportation will be utilized by Biden in an effort to boost his profile with Latino voters and in the long term essentially buy new votes.

Democrats have long denied that they are importing voters by naturalizing and advocating for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

But as Biden has slipped behind former President Donald Trump, it's become clear that the White House is chasing the illegal immigrant voter base.

Biden's plan will affect millions of potential votes in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and other states. Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia are the most important states in terms of this fall's contest, as the winner of those states will likely win the presidential election.

Biden knows he is losing American voters so he needs to replace them and what better replacement than thousands of newly naturalized immigrants who will surely return Biden's favor with a vote in November.