Joe Biden repeats disputed claims that he attended black church after Mass in high school

 January 16, 2023

President Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that he attended a black church in Delaware every morning after he attended Catholic Mass in high school. Biden has repeatedly told this story, and churchgoers have repeatedly stated they do not remember him attending the church in question.

The president claimed during an address recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day that "I may be a practicing Catholic, we used to go 7:30 am mass every morning in high school and college before I went to the black church. Not a joke."

The church in question, Union Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware, was run by Rev. Otis Herring who according to churchgoers, didn't meet President Biden as a teen.

Phyllis Drummond, who attended Union Baptist for 39 years, casted doubt on Biden's claims he attended by saying, '"No. Not at our building. I think he was probably in Claymont, [Del.,] [or] in Pennsylvania then."

Considering the multitude of claims that President Joe Biden has been forced to take back in his decades as a politician, it seems that his story of being an activist at a black church as a teenager is likely false.

The president's quip that his story was "Not a joke," is important to consider. The president has a habit of lying to pander for votes and the mainstream media has turned a blind eye to it for too long.