Joe Biden REMOVAL Order Confirmed - It's Happening Soon...

October 13, 2022

On all matters, Joe Biden is on his last legs.

Mentally, he's all but done.

Politically, not even his own party wants anything to do with him.

Physically, I already said it. He's literally on his last leg.

In terms of honesty, he's NEVER received a passing grade.

This is just more of the same.

A month ago, Joe Biden declared the pandemic to be "over." Now, he's back to invoking emergency health orders.

As a result of COVID, which is over, Joe Biden's team just this week began returning up to 1,000 Venezuelans to where they came from: Mexico.

I understand those are two different countries, but they're being sent back to the place they entered from. Venezuela and the United States do not share a land border.

Once these illegal immigrants are in Mexico, they have three options: Stay there, return to Venezuela, or try to illegally sneak back in to America.

One GOP source already knows the answer:

"These folks are not going to stay put in Mexico, I fear. They will likely return and do so in a manner that adds to the trespassing on private property and the high-speed pursuits on our highways."

Too little, too late, Joe.

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