Joe Biden Refuses To Acknowledge His Own Granddaughter

 April 27, 2023

Forget everything else that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Jill Biden have ever done.

This might be the worst.

It appears as though they've completely disowned Hunter's daughter (Joe's granddaughter) Navy Joan Roberts.

She's Hunter's biological child, but when Christmas comes around, Jill hangs stockings for every grandchild but Navy.

On Thursday, Biden spoke to his staffers' kids on Take Our Kids to Work Day and told them that he is "crazy" about his six grandchildren.

He has seven.

Unfortunately for Navy, she was born out-of-wedlock, and her mother is a stripper. Most people in America could have guessed that's how Hunter would have spawned a daughter, but is it really fair to make Navy pay for all of this by losing her family?

I'm not even sure that Navy Joan Roberts would want anything to do with Crusty Old Joe and Jill Biden, but she's their flesh and blood.

She deserves a chance.

Like most people Hunter has come in contact with, he's destroyed Navy Joan Roberts' life.