Cruz: Biden Preparing To Ruin America's Economy

 May 23, 2023

How far is Joe Biden willing to go just to get his way?

It would appear as though he's willing to sacrifice the well-being of every single person in America if it comes down to it.

Ted Cruz thinks Biden is already willing to do just that.

According to the Republican Senator from Texas, Joe Biden is "willing to tank the economy" over America's debt ceiling debate.

Joe Biden isn't trying to do what's best for America. He's trying to do what's best for him, his party, and his family.

"It is really unfortunate to see how Joe Biden is approaching this job. It is all politics all the time and he consistency goes to the hard left. He’s off in Hiroshima in Japan, he should be in Washington D.C. He should be sitting down and working out a deal, working out a compromise. The House of Representatives did its job weeks ago, it passed legislation raising the debt ceiling and it passed responsible legislation that makes real steps to reign in the out of control spending. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has handed his entire agenda over to the radical left, to the Bernie Sanders, and the AOC of the world. His view is he is willing to tank the economy because he is unwilling to give a penny in the trillions of spending that caused inflation, hurting Americans all across the country. It’s a blatantly unreasonable position, he nonetheless smiles and just blames the other side," Cruz said on Fox News. He added:

A responsible president would have said, understand and hear me now, the United States of America will never ever ever default on our debts, we will pay the interest of our debts. The president can say that.