Rep. Jim Banks: Joe Biden Not Focused On Protecting Americans

 March 27, 2023

House Armed Services Subcommittee for Military Personnel chair Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, has a major bone to pick with Joe Biden.

It's time that Joe Biden started putting Americans first.

Right now, his Pentagon is doing anything but that.

Administration officials are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion... NOT keeping Americans safe.

According to Banks, that's a problem. He said:

They’re focusing on DEI instead of on the future of our armed forces and protecting America, which is the explicit purpose of our military to begin with.

Banks has the authority to say things like this. He's a veteran himself. Banks went on:

What’s the statistical or empirical evidence that they have at the Pentagon that shows that any of this is worthwhile? Six million man-hours that could be spent on training our troops to defeat China or positioning us to strengthen our military in other ways but are instead being focused on DEI political training pushed on our troops.