Joe Biden Making History For All The Wrong Reasons

 November 29, 2023

A look into the past would be a wise decision for those in the Democratic party.

A lot of top Democrats and many voters who once so desperately wanted to see President Joe Biden in the Oval Office do not want Biden to seek reelection.

However, the president has made zero attempts at shedding light on where his head is at in terms of running for a second term.

This is probably because he doesn’t know what’s going on!

All the way back in 1968, there is an eerily familiar story that should leave Democrats sweating.

Remember former President Lyndon Baines Johnson?

He pulled a similar stunt, and it ended in chaos and misery for the Democrats.

Johnson watched his ratings tank due to his decisions regarding the war. He later famously announced from the Oval Office that he would not seek reelection due to “division in the American house.”

Like Johnson, Biden has also gone down in approval due to decisions regarding the Israel-Hamas war that has left America completely divided.

Ultimately, history has made one cold, hard truth clear:

If Biden pulls out of the race in the primary season, the Democrats will have to kiss their precious unity goodbye.

Could history be getting ready to repeat itself?