Joe Biden makes insane claim that 'MAGA Republicans' are responsible for the state of the nation

 April 30, 2023

President Joe Biden claimed that "MAGA Republicans" are responsible for the state of the nation in a speech during a reception for the Democratic National Committee on Friday.

Biden spent the speech touting his alleged accomplishments, including the claim that his presidency "reestablished America's leadership in the world."

President Biden seems unaware that our allies are abandoning us for China, and the economic center of the world is moving away from us.

Numerous wars have also broken out since Biden became president, and the world feels like it's hurtling towards global conflict. American leadership has never been weaker and that comes down to the president, not "MAGA Republicans."

Biden told Democrat donors, "MAGA Republicans are trying to take us backwards. But together, we’re not going to let them do it. Not an inch back. Instead, our agenda is going to continue to bring us forward and build on the progress we made. And we must finish this job."

While Biden lets China take over the world, he claims that Republicans who want financial responsibility and constitutional rule restored are dragging the nation down. The only question is whether Americans will buy this message after years of chaos and decline.