Joe Biden Makes Fun Of DeSantis' Campaign Launch Difficulties

Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces was riddled with technical difficulties, there's no denying that.

In fact, there were enough problems that even Old Joe Biden felt the need to publicly jab DeSantis over the announcement.

DeSantis' announcement started seven minutes late, the audio failed multiple times, and the governor even appeared to leave the conference at one point.

Biden felt this a hilarious opportunity to needle DeSantis while begging for donations shortly after.

"This link works," he said above an image that led people to his starving campaign donations page.

Other than taking cheap shots at DeSantis for things that weren't his fault, there are so many problems with this. The most obvious one is that Biden and Harris have done massive damage to America, and nobody wants them around anymore. The second is how insulting it is that Biden is asking us for money. He's already cost us so much with his family's illegal business endeavors that have made them rich, why do they need our money?

The answer is that they are greedy and corrupt. That seems to be the common theme among most liberals in our federal government these days.