Joe Biden Lies About GOP Debate On Social Media

 August 25, 2023

President Joe Biden just did one of the most dishonest things anyone can do.

He lied to America, knowingly trying to trick the nation into believing something that he KNEW wasn't true.

Biden (or his team, seeing as how the president himself is probably too old to navigate modern-day gadgets) tried to trick America into thinking that there had been a bunch of Republicans on stage all raising their hands when asked questions that would upset liberals.

It simply wasn't true.

The candidates were NEVER asked the questions that Biden said they were, and the clip was completely taken out of context.

Biden knew it, his team had to know it, and anyone who actually watched the debate knew it as well.

The only issue is that Joe's tweet wasn't targeted at people who use common sense, it was directly at the idiots who believe everything Democrats tell them.

Shame on you, Joe.